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UPDATES is an email newsletter on stormwater management, assessment (including monitoring), and maintenance research at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory and the University of Minnesota.

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UPDATES from 2011-2015

July 2015 (v10, i4): Enhanced Ditch Blocks for Roadside Swales and Ditches
April 2015 (v10, i3): Stormwater Minnesota: Next Steps?
March 2015 (v10, i2): Infiltration into Roadside Drainage Ditches
February 2015 (v10, i1): Turbidity and Suspended Solids in Construction Site Runoff

September 2014 (v9, i3): Infiltration in Roadside Swales/ Drainage Ditches
July 2014 (v9, i2): Effective Impervious Area in Urban Stormwater Management
March 2014 (v9, i1): The Minnehaha Creek Watershed Stormwater Adaptation Study

August 2013 (v8, i8): Performance of a ‘Transitioned’ Stormwater Infiltration Basin for Managing Runoff
July 2013 (v8, i7): 2013 International Low Impact Development Symposium: University of Minnesota Presentations
June 2013 (v8, i6): Importance of Storm Drain Baseflow to Nutrient Loading
May 2013 (v8, i5): New Book Released! "Optimizing Stormwater Treatment Practices: A Handbook of Assessment and Maintenance"
April 2013 (v8, i4): New Release: SHSAM 6.60
March 2013 (v8, i3): Quantifying Nutrient Removal through Targeted Intensive Street Sweeping
February 2013 (v8, i2): Perspective from the Field on the MPD Infiltrometer

November 2012 (v7, i10): My High School Internship at the University of Minnesota
October 2012 (v7, i9): Evaluation of the Factors Impacting the Turbidity of Construction Site Runoff
August 2012 (v7, i8): Third Party Testing at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
July 2012 (v7, i7): Stormwater to baseflow? Investigating baseflow sources in Minnehaha Creek and the potential to augment through stormwater infiltration
June 2012 (v7, i6): Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Maintenance Online Survey
May 2012 (v7, i5): Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Lessons Learned Online Survey
May 2012 (v7, i4): Performance of Swales/Drainage Ditches in Infiltrating Stormwater
April 2012 (v7, i3): Investigating Stormwater Hydrocarbon Fate and Biodegradation in Bioretention Areas
March 2012 (v7, i2): Floating Vegetative Islands
February 2012 (v7, i1): Stormwater management adaptation for future climate extremes: Minnehaha Creek Watershed case study

December 2011 (v6, i11): Cleaning Stormwater with the SAFL Baffle
November 2011 (v6, i10): Capture and Release of Pollutants by Rain Gardens
October 2011 (v6, i9): Standard and Uniform Stormwater Runoff Monitoring
September 2011 (v6, i8): Emerging Toxic Compounds in Stormwater Runoff
August 2011 (v6, i7): Restoration of critical sediment source areas in the Lower Poplar River
July 2011 (v6, i6): Techniques for Determining Effective (Connected) Impervious Area
June 2011 (v6, i5): Celebrating 10 Years of Stormwater Training
April 2011 (v6, i4): Soil Remediation with Compost
March 2011 (v6, i3): Influence of non-detects on TMDL mass loading calculations
February 2011 (v6, i2): Spatial Variation of Infiltration in LID practices
January 2011 (v6, i1): Events Calendar

UPDATES from 2008-2010

December 2010 (v5, i7): Measuring Effects of Trash and Vegetation on the SAFL Baffle
November 2010 (v5, i6): Recommendation for Bioretention Redesign
October 2010 (v5, i5): Retrofitting Wet Ponds with Iron-Enhanced Filter Trenches
September 2010 (v5, i4): Measurement of Particle Settling Velocity for Stormwater Runoff
August 2010 (v5, i3): Towards a Temperature TMDL for Miller Creek
May 2010 (v5, i2) (PDF 628 KB)
-Importance of Particle Settling Velocity in BMP Design
-Measuring and Estimating Infiltration Rate with the MPD Infiltrometer
-Soil Remediation as a Stormwater Best Management Practice
March 2010 (v5, i1) (PDF 1.31 MB)
-Groundwater Recharge in an Urbanizing Watershed: A Case Study
-Stormwater Treatment: Assessment and Maintenance Online Manual

November 2009 (v4, i4) (PDF 403 KB)
-Turning Standard Sumps into a Pollution Prevention Device with the SAFL Baffle
-SHSAM: A Tool for Sizing Hydrodynamic Separators and Manholes as Stormwater Treatment BMPS
-Simulation of Stormwater Temperature and Heat Loading for the Miller Creek Temperature TMDL
August 2009 (v4, i3) (PDF 478 KB)
-Automatic Sampling Suspended Sediments in Stormwater Runoff
-Survey on Stormwater Treatment Practice Maintenance
-New Website and Research Snippets Released!
May 2009 (v4, i2) (PDF 416 KB)
-Field Applications of Enhanced Sand Infiltration
-Online Survey on Stormwater Research Topics
-Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degradation in Gardens
February 2009 (v4, i1) (PDF 448 KB)
-Impacts of Urban Development and Climate Change on Groundwater Temperature
-Assessment of Standard Sump Manholes for Stormwater Treatment
-Improvements in Infiltration Rates of Compacted Soil with Tillage and Compost
-Project Update on Assessment and Maintenance of Stormwater BMPs

November 2008 (v3, i3) (PDF 507 KB)
-Particle Size and Settling Velocity Distributions in Urban Stormwater Runoff
-Impacts of Stormwater Infiltration on Groundwater
-Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHS) in Wet Pond Sediments
-SAFL Research Updates

Citation: "Stormwater Research at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory." University of Minnesota, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Minneapolis, MN. http://stormwater.safl.umn.edu/