Siting Surface Infiltration-Based SCMs: A GIS tool was developed to help with Siting Surface Infiltration-Based Stormwater Control Measures Using a Geographic Information Systems Approach. 

MNPavePerm: MNPavePerm is a spreadsheet tool that allows users to determine whether permeable pavement is appropriate for their specific site and project characteristics. 

Roadside Swale Calculator: The Roadside Swale Calculator is a spreadsheet calculator that is used to compute the infiltration that occurs at roadside swales. Information on annual precipitation, road width, width from the road to the swale bottom and an estimate of saturated hydraulic conductivity are needed.

Visual Inspection Checklists: Standardized visual inspection checklists to allow for quick, simple, visual assessment of stormwater treatment practices. For more information, visit: Visual Inspection.

Citation: "Stormwater Research at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory." University of Minnesota, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Minneapolis, MN.