UPDATES: November 2020

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"The Challenge of Maintaining Stormwater Treatment Practices: A Synthesis of Recent Research and Practitioner Experience." A Pre-recorded Oral Presentation for the 2020 Central States Water Environment Association Annual Meeting.

November 2020 (volume 15 - issue 2)

Contributed by Andy Erickson1, Vinicius J. Taguchi1,2, and John S. Gulliver1,2

1St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota
2Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering, University of Minnesota

The methods for properly inspecting and maintaining stormwater treatment practices are often ambiguous and inconsistently applied. Maintenance practices must constantly adapt to changing conditions. At the 2020 Central States Water Environment Association Anunal Meeting, we presented specific guidelines for practices involving media filtration, infiltration, and stormwater ponds because these tend to be widely implemented and often unsatisfactorily maintained. How do you know when enhanced media or amendments are no longer effective and should be replaced? Why do some infiltration practices fail while others succeed, and how do you prevent failure? Are stormwater ponds really removing phosphorus? Of special note are new assessment and maintenance methods, such as testing enhanced filtration media that target dissolved constituents, maintaining proper vegetation coverage in infiltration practices, and preventing phosphorus release from stormwater ponds.

To watch the recording of our presentation at the 2020 Central States Water Environment Association Annual Meeting, please click on the link or image below:

YouTube: The Challenge of Maintaining Stormwater Treatment Practices (2020 CSWEA Presentation)

(Posted with permission from the Central States Water Environment Association. For more information on the 2020 CSWEA Annual Meeting, please visit https://pheedloop.com/cswea93am/site/home/ and for more information on CSWEA, please visit http://cswea.org/)


This presentation is based on a recent open-access publication with the same title: Erickson, A.J., V.J. Taguchi, and J.S. Gulliver. (2018). "The Challenge of Maintaining Stormwater Control Measures: A Synthesis of Recent Research and Practitioner Experience." Journal of Sustainability Special Issue, 10, 3666. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/su10103666.

Citation: "Stormwater Research at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory." University of Minnesota, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Minneapolis, MN. http://stormwater.safl.umn.edu/